I take great pride in serving my clients and exceeding their expectations by making their experience as enjoyable and as easy as possible.  The limited number of clients I serve each month allows me to give my clients the time and attention that they deserve.  


Petite Magnolia offers high-end, luxurious wardrobe choices for mamas, babies, and young children as well as personalized styling assistance for the rest of your family.  This amenity not only saves you from the added stress of what to wear & shopping, it allows you to relax and enjoy the experience.  The money saved on wardrobe allows you to invest more in your heirlooms.


Mamas love the extra attention as well as knowing that they will look and feel beautiful in their images.  Clients have the option to invest in a professional hair & makeup artist for their session.  Artists have the capability to travel to the client’s home for convenience and will enhance your natural beauty in a classic way. 


Clients are invited back to my home office for a private design & ordering appointment approximately 2-3 weeks after their session.  At this appointment, you will view heirloom albums as well as framed fine art portraits.  This is where you will see your gallery of images for the first time through printed proofs and design your art pieces.  


I am so grateful for my clients entrusting me with their precious memories.  I love nothing more than gifting my clients with small, yet meaningful expressions of my appreciation.  These sincere gifts may be a sweet treat, special surprise in the mail, or an exclusive client experience.

“I will always cherish these memories she captured forever and truly can’t say enough great things about Brooke.  She is not only an amazingly talented photographer, but she’s an amazing person as well.”

pittsburgh newborn photography client wardrobe pink fillyboo dress
pittsburgh newborn photography client hair and makeup session
Pittsburgh family photographer glass keepsake box with set of proofs
pittsburgh newborn lip balm and teether client gifts
pittsburgh newborn client welcome package
pittsburgh newborn photography ivory filliboo long gown