I am a day dreamer, always have been and as little girl I dreamt of the time when I would be a mama.  It was the one thing in my life that I knew I wanted to do with absolute certainty.  I dreamt about what it would feel like to share that experience with someone I loved and how it would have such a deep and special meaning to us.  Today, I am blessed with an incredible husband and four beautiful children.  They inspire me to chase my dreams, believe in myself, and to never take what we have for granted.  They make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.



my passion:

I whole-heartedly believe that photographs are one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and to our future generations.  There is no value that can be placed on memories.  They help us remember a time that we long to return to.  My art serves as a reminder of those precious moments and the love & emotions surrounding them.  My passion is to document your life story and preserve them as heirlooms that will grace your life for many years to come.  I hope that you see my true love for creating these photographs and that you trust me to help you create timeless, classic, beautiful art.

I am drawn to genuine, simple, and natural moments where a family’s true love, connections and emotions shine through.  The absence of distractions in my work allows for the true beauty to come through.  I love the simplicity of soft light, neutral colors, and soft textures.  These are the elements that create timeless, classic portraits.


Brooke is a Pittsburgh newborn photographer who also specializes in maternity, babies, children & families in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  Brooke primarily uses natural light in her work to create beautiful, natural images.

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